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Big Blue Case Mod Posted by Mike @ 8:15 P.M. on 1/27/03


OCHardware.com is proud to bring you Project: BigBlue. This is the first of what we hope to be many articles featuring modded cases. In this article Holley, the cases' creator, will share his secrets that were used in the making of the case. From stock to masterpiece, you'll know exactly how it was done. OCHardware would like to send a special thanks to Holley from Ottawa for writing everything below this and showing us how he made this awesome case. Here we go...

Before the creation of Big Blue, came the vision of something greater. I was looking at creating a seamless looking case. With the addition of stealthing all the wires, hereís how I did it.

This is what I had to start with: a big case with lots of wiring. It was hard to determine how I was going to hide all the wires.

To achieve a total seamless case, I had to completely strip it to the frame as well as remove the hard drive cage.

Because the ventilation was not that good to begin with between the bottom and top, I cut away a larger opening for better air flow. At this point, the case was becoming very weak, so it has been reinforced using 3/8ís Stainless Steel rods.

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