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Top 10 reasons you may be a hardcore PC junkie. Written by Sean @8:25 P.M. on 9/26/02

10. The UPS guy is at your house more than your family
9. Your power bill is more than your mortgage
8. On the skills portion of your resume you list “Superb knowledge of Arctic Silver’s thermal transfer properties”
7. You actually run a Peltier unit
6. The staff at Coolerguys sends you Christmas cards
5. You cringe when you hear “ECS”
4. Everything in your case has a heatsink, including your BIOS chip.
3. You still want a mobo with seven PCI slots
2. You still run a Voodoo 5 5500
1. You have gone to Wal- Mart and done a demonstration in the Console games section on why video game consoles are the antichrist, and in turn driven people to buy a PC.


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