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Asus P4S333 Motherboard Review Posted by Mike @12:20 A.M. . on 9/07/02

There's todays subject....

Ah, the first motherboard to support DDR333(also known as PC-2700). Asus decided to go with an SiS chipset for this motherboard, a company who used to be known to be in value and oem pcs. Sis was also known for their terrible performance and compatibility. However, SiS has recently started to make some very good chips, which are producing great performance, incredible stability, and more affordable prices. The Asus P4S333 motherboard uses SiS's 645 chipset, which is SiS's first chipset for the Pentium 4.

Until this motherboard came out DDR333 was targeted towards overclockers, the motherboards didn't support those speeds at stock(they used DDR266/PC-2100), but when you overclocked it was guaranteed to run up to 333mhz (like how DDR433/PC-3500 DDR is now).

Above you can see the layout of the SiS chipset.

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