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Contents & Layout
Asus gives you plenty, all this plus 2 more IDE cables.
Asus really gives you a lot of stuff.

There she is.... OoOoO... look at all the colors
To the left is the board layout, and on the right are the mobo's connectors.

Bah, no raid... oh well Can't squeeze much more in here....
This mobo has twoUltraDMA 100/66 connectors, and a floppy (left). On the right you can see space is kinda cramped, things must be unplugged to remove ram, and the Asus EZ plug is the lower left connector.

Ah... plenty of pci slots =) My cpu is a bit dirty, eh?
Six pci slots and 1ACR slot(left). On the right you can see certain places around the cpu don't have much breathing room.

As you can see from the pictures above, the board is a bit cramped in places, but nothing too major. None of the capacitators are in the way of the heatsink bracket, but you still have to be careful when working with it. The other place it's cramped is at the top of the ram sockets. Socket3 has the Asus EZplug blocking it, and slot1 has a fan connector blocking it. Other than that the board is quite open.


SiS 645 Chipset
SiS® MuTIOL® Technology
Enhanced DDR333 Performance
ASUS MyLogo™
Advanced Media Support
ASUS Reliability
Comprehensive Software Bundle

Key Specifications
Intel® Socket 478 Pentium® 4 processor support up to 2.4GHz and beyond
SiS® 645 chipset
Up to 2GB of PC2700 and 3GB of PC2100/PC1600 DDR memory support
C-Media CM18738 6-channel audio (optional)
Integrated SiS 961 Fast Ethernet LAN controller (optional)
AGP 4X slot, UDMA 66/100
MuTIOL® bus advanced I/O technology
Optional SPDIF interface module
6 PCI, 1 ACR, AGP 4X slot, up to 6 USB ports
ATX form-factor

This board is loaded with extras, the Asus EZPLUG is a great feature, instead of having to buy a special P4 power supply, you just plug in a spare cd-rom power plug into the motherboard near the ram sockets. Another nice thing is the included Sony Memory stick and Panisonic Secure Digital connectors on the motherboard. The speech reporter is also cool, it's kinda cool hearing your computer saying "System failed due to CPU overclocking." Also, from what I hear the integrated sound is rather good (I'll stick with a soundblaster though).


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