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Time for some pictures...

Here's a collection of pictures I took, just click on them for a bigger shot.

First we see Plain Label's packaging. They did a nice job, the PSU didn't bounce at all when shaken.

Here's the actual PSU box, rather plain.

Reliable, eh? We'll see...

Thar' she blows... Looks like any other psu to me.

Here's the breakup of how much power goes to each specific line.

Pictures of the side and top, respectively. Both have little or no air holes, but because these parts are up against the inside of your case it wouldn't make a difference.

This is the back. The air slots could be a little bigger, but we don't see this to cause any problems.

This is the bottom of the PSU, the air slots are on the side of the PSU that is on the same side of the case as your motherboard. In my case, these were partially covered by a PSU support piece of steel.

These are all of the connectors. Not very many, but more that enough for most people.

Here we see the cable length, as you can tell, people with tall cases may have problems reaching things.

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