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Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Above, you can see the the single yellow wire attaches to the motherbaord, this provides the RPM count. Also the notice the molex connector, lucky for me... it's a passthrough (thank you OCZ). The molex is needed to supply the extra power to this fan.

Above you can see my fingerprints on top of the heatsink bottom, notice it's quite smooth.

Thought I'd include a picture of the processor once we took the stock heatsink off. Check out all that goop (your processor could be like that!), I'm a bit surprised that this thing still works. On the right is after we cleaned it.

And after applying the supplied compound...

Here's that fan OCZ included, they even included a grill (I can keep my fingers!).


Here's a shot of it installed. Although it's hard to tell, there is plenty of open room surrounding it.

I can see through ze fins!
Here's a side view... check out them' fins

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