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ExaByteSystems Cold Cathode Review Posted by Mike @ 10:45 P.M. on 04/05/03


Let's face the facts, almost every online computer store sells cold cathodes. In order to compete in this market a store needs to have the best price while still selling a quality product. ExaByteSystems.com has the price part down, with full 12" cold cathode kits available for only $11 and 4" kits for $12. As for quality, our emotions are mixed.

While we all obsess over who has the cheapest, we should pay more attention to product quality. Cheaper prices are often an attempt to sell a product that is behind the competition. More times than not the saying lives on, "You get what you pay for."

Here's a shot of the converter, molex pass-through, and power button.

ExaByteSystems made a good impression from the start, I received six well packaged cold cathodes with inverters. After unwrapping everything, I found the following 300mm (about 12") cathodes: Blue, UV, White, and a RGB. Also included were two 100mm (about 4"), a white and UV. Closer inspection showed the cathodes and inverters seemed to be well constructed. Wire length appeared perfect for a mid-sized tower.

It is not viewable in the picture but an orange glow, the smell of smoke, and a noise came from where the wires entered the tube.

However, our first problem arose when first testing the cold cathodes. An orange glow where the wires from the inverter connected to the cold cathode was accompanied by the smell of smoke. For the second time, a product that was sent to us for review was faulty. In a conversation with the owner of ExaByteSystems I was told there have only been three defective products in the last 5 months, and each was taken care of to the customers' satisfaction. As for the other five cold cathodes we received, they work perfectly fine.

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