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Mounting & In Action

Mounting the switch is very simple.

Setup is the same as other cold cathodes, plug the lamp into the inverter and the molex connector into your PSU. The power button is designed to be placed into an empty PCI slot cover, which mounts very easily without requiring any tools. We liked this design, as it saved us from pulling out the dremel and putting a hole somewhere in the case for the switch.

The cathodes are very secure once mounted, definitely suitable for a computer that often travels to LANs.

The cathodes also mount very easily. Simply peel off the protective paper from the sticky pad that is on the cold cathode, and place the cold cathode wherever you want it. No Velcro, no plastic ties, just peel and stick. Once mounted, the cold cathode is staying where you put it. We were able to toss, drop, and do just about anything to the panel that we attached it to without loosening the cold cathode at all. Unfortunately, once mounted the cold cathodes cannot be moved without tearing off the sticky pads.

The white lamps create a very clean and appealing look in your case.

My personal favorite of the group is the white cold cathodes. They are very bright and are able to show each piece of hardware in its original color (great for those of you with colored motherboards). A very clean and appealing look is produced from the white cold cathodes.

Unfortunately, the real thing isn't as bright as this.

The Red-Green-Blue cold cathode is, well, interesting. From the outside it appears as three 100mm cold cathodes (one of each color) are all crammed into a 300mm casing, and this appears to be somewhat true. We found this cold cathode to be quite dull, and would recommend picking up at least two if you plan to light a mid-sized tower. We even had to increase our camera's exposure time in order to give you a better idea of what the RGB may look like if you have two or more.

Although we had trouble capturing it with a camera, the UV cathodes are quite bright, one 300mm is able to dimly light a complete mid-sized tower with a light blue/purple color. Although we did not have any UV reactive products, we did notice that the green stripes that are found on green Sunbeam cold cathodes were quite reactive to the cathodes. Even at about two feet away, the green lines were quite noticeable.

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