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OCZ Gladiator II Review Posted by Mike @ 11:30 P.M. on 03/08/03

The OCZ Gladiator II


Our last reviews of OCZ's products gave us a pretty good impression of their heatsinks. We found the Dominator II to be a very good heatsink, but it was plagued with a noisy fan and used a base made of aluminum rather than copper. OCZ Technology looked to improve upon these points with their Gladiator II. Not only did they make the base of copper, but they also included a slightly different fan.

The included fan no longer requires so much power that it be run off of your 12V line, instead it easily plugs into the motherboard's fan headers (like all fans should). The Gladiator's fan only spins 300 RPMs lower (in our testing), but sounds slightly quieter than the Dominator's. Of course, any 60mm fan that spins at 7000 RPMs is still quite noisy.

More lapping would have been nice.
The base could use some more lapping, you can feel the bumps with your fingernail.

The area that OCZ really improved over the Dominator is the base. Instead of an aluminum base, a pure copper base was used in order to dissipate heat quicker. Unfortunately, the same lapping process was not used with the two bases. The copper base on the Gladiator is not quite as smooth as the Dominator. In fact, you can feel tiny bumps by running your fingernail over the bottom.

I dare you to count them. Two columns of 56 pure copper fins.
Two columns of 58 pure copper fins ready to cool your processor.

The base also includes 12 more fins then that of the Dominators, bringing the total up to 58 pure copper fins. This brings a big advantage to this heatsink, allowing more surface area to disappaite heat. Being pure copper, the weight of the heatsink definitely increases.

The clip

Despite the extra weight, OCZ decided to use a one-hole clip instead of a tri-hole. The heatsink is still quite secure, but we would have liked to see the tri-hole clip. The clip also lacks a thumbhandle, and instead includes a slot for a screwdriver. Although we had no problems, using a screwdriver to exert force over the motherboard must be done very carefully to avoid breaking anything.


Socket A up to XP 3100+
Supports all Socket 370 cpu's
Single piece construction
Pure copper
Dimensions: 62x10x69mm (fan installed)
Delta 60x25mm (7000 rpm, 39.5cfm)

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