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Here's a shot while it is installed.

We followed our usual heatsink testing process with the usual rig for our AMD systems.

The Rig:
Processor: AMD Athlon 1Ghz
Memory: 256 mb PC-133
Motherboard: Generic
Motherboard chip set: SiS 730
Power Supply: Premier 300 Watt
Operating System: Windows XP Pro

The Test:
1. Boot-up.
2. Run sisoft sandra burn-in wizard, both cpu tests on stress for 50 loops.
3. Check MBM5 for high temp.
4. Play ps2 for about an hour, check idle temps.
Room temp: 70F (21C)

OCZ's provided thermal compound was used in all tests. We put OCZ's Gladiator II up against the Dominator II and the Goliath II SE.

The Gladiator's idle temp is definitely below the Dominator's.

Here's the difference in Celsius format.

We were happy with the idle temperatures that we received, a 7 (F) Degree drop over the Dominator is impressive. This shows how important a copper base can be. While it may seem shocking that the temperature is the same as the near-silent Goliath, the Gladiator cooled down to it's idle temperature much faster because of the more powerful fan.

Stressed CPU temperatures show why you want a powerful fan on your heatsink. Although not too far behind, the Goliath was not pushing enough air to keep things as cold as the Gladiator & Dominator were. The Gladiator faired best of OCZ's tested heatsinks, keeping out processor 3 (F) degrees cooler than the Dominator.

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