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OCZ Goliath 2 SE HSF Review Posted by Mike @ 1:00 A.M. on 9/28/02



Again, I'd lake to thank OCZ Technology for supplying me with this product, please visit their website at http://www.ocztechnology.com to see more info on this, and other great products. Their website also includes a directory of retailer who sell their products.

Last week when we reviewed OCZ's aluminum Dominator 2, we were amazed by the results. It provided excellent cooling with the only drawback being the rather high noise level. With this 100% copper model, OCZ has recognized this problem and decided to fix it by using a 60mm to 80mm adapter, paired with a 80mm fan with what they call "(I)ntelligent (F)an (T)echnology." Quite simply, it's a smart fan. It has a little probe which records temperatures, and speeds up from 2900 to 5000 rpms whenever the air it's measuring is heated to a certain level. Most importantly, instead of sounding like a tornado, this is "Designed for whisper quiet cooling."

Another difference between this heatsink and the Dominator 2, is the most obvious. This one's 100% copper and sports copper (...duh) and blue colors, thus making it look much better in your case compared to any plain aluminum heatsink. Also because it's copper, it's MUCH heavier than the aluminum! OCZ also decided to go with three clips on each side of the heatsink, in order to keep this monster properly secured.

Being $10-$15 dollars more than the Dominator, just how much more of a temperature decrease could it give us if its cheaper cousin, the Dominator, eliminated 11 degrees? Read on...

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