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Picture Day
Click the pictures for a bigger shot.

MmMmM... lookin' sharp!

Here's a shot where you can see all the fins.

Here's a shot from above, notice on this heatsink the fins go all the way across, on the Dominator there were actually two rows of fins with a gap for the socket clip.

This is a shot of the bottom reflecting my kitchen wallpaper, notice how smooth and reflective it is.

Here's another reflection shot. This time of a window that was a good 5 feet away.

This is a shot of the heatsink with the 60-80mm adaptor, the provided fan and the provided grill. Also that white piece of paper you see shipped like that, in order to keep the contact portion of the heatsink perfectly clean.

Here's the fan and included grill. Unlike the Dominator's fan, this can just be plugged into the motherboard header

Here it is inside the case without the fan. It's a tight fit but nothing to be concerned about.

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