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The Exterior

The exterior of this case is very appealing, and actually comes in two styles. What we have is a silver metalic like finish with a blue front. The other option is all black. Both versions contain acrylic with a tad of crome to finish it off.

The blue and silver version to the left, and the black on the right.

As you can see from the pictures, the case has barely any plastic. In fact, the only plastic in the whole case is the colored piece that is underneath the acrylic and a few chrome painted buttons. Even the bay covers are steel which unfortunately could make it harder if you plan on screwing through them to mount a baybus, switch, or anything else you can imagine.

Two USB ports, a headphone port, a mic port, and an IEEE1394 port all built into the front of this case really make things easy. Transferring pictures from my digital camera no longer requires me to get on my knees, crawl behind the computer and plug a cord into whatever available USB I have. The headphone port is great for the next lan party. Although I'm still not quite sure how to hook it up to my soundcard, a visit to my manual will let me know. The microphone port is also great for anyone who chats while playing games or teleconferencing. While I do not have anything that supports an IEEE1394 connection, it's still nice to know it's easily accesible.

Connections are always a good thing.

The case's power button is a large chrome-like button. Below it are two LEDs, one for the power and one for hard drive activity. The LEDs were not overly bright, nor were they too dim. Below those we have the all important reset button.

As you can see, the buttons do hold fingerprints, but they come off easily.

This case is definitely well built. The metal is thick and in no way flimsy. The acrylic really is a nice touch and looks good, but acrylic does scratch. After we removed and put the acrylic back on a few times we noticed the screws (which hold the acrylic on) scratch it if they are overtightened. However, the scratches are not viewable as they are under the screw. While we're talking about screws we cannot forget the two thumscrews for each side panel!

Under the acrylic we found a thin and textured blue piece of plastic, which gives the front of the case its color. Being plastic is a good thing since it is easily removable in case you want it to be spray painted. Thus, you can make it any color you want.

The front of that case also has a series of air holes near the bottom. The only problem is the front fan is not mounted over them, it is mounted above them. This is a problem we will address later in the review.

Normally, air would be taken in through these.

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