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The LCD in Action

It's always good to know the time, date, and how long it has been since we booted up.

Visually the screen is very nice, but it does have a problem that goes along with any LCD no matter the company. Anyone who has ever used a LCD monitor will know that they have limited viewing angles, where the more you look at it from the side the more it appears faded or discolored. For example, if you are looking at it from below you can see the background, like in our pictures (However, seeing the background in the pics was the cameras' fault. Also, the second character is unreadable due to the changing overa long exposure time).

What!? 255mb of ram? No wonder why ut2k3 loads so slowly!

While it isn't the actual screen, it's fair to mention that we did like the silver border. It looks especially good when mounted in a black case. It was also taken good care of and has a very nice shine without any scratches.

Check out my 12V line, looks like someone could use a new PSU.

We are always glad to be able to check our temps, voltages, and fans when we are gaming away. Not to mention it just looks cool.

Although it didn't sound like anything special at first, we do like this LCD's color scheme. Incase you can't tell from the pictures, it's a nice shade of brown with light green letters. If the lcd is exposed to direct light the background turns purple. Incase you are not a fan on this color cheme, Modding System has many other color variatations available.

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