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Picture Day

As always, remember to click the pictures for a bigger shot in a new window =). Also, anyone on dial-up may want to give a few seconds for all the pictures to load

Ah, so pretty...
Both fans in all their glory.

Check out the clearness.
The packaging, rather simple.

seeing the insides is nice.
Here's a close up of the fan. It's nice to be able to see the insides.

Comes with enough wire.
The cord is about 10 inches long.

OoOoO... Circuitry
Heres more of the insides. This is covered up with a black sticker.

At least it's a pass through =).
Here's a shot of the molex connector. The pins move like almost every other product out there =(. It is a pass through however.

Ooooo la la. 
Ooohh, pretty. The red really lights up the case a lot more than what is seen here, and the blue was actually taken with a Xoxide cold cathode on the other side of the case.

Looks cool with cold cathodes. Blue + more blue = Cool looking
The red looks cool with cold cathodes. We especially liked the blue with blue as seen on the right.

Nooo! it won't fit in the bracket!
Here's one flaw. There is a little bulge near the wire. I had problems fitting the fan into a bracket because of this.

Check that out...
This picture doesn't do much of a justice, but these look cool shining through a grill.

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