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GMC Trinity X-21 Posted by Mike @ 1:45 P.M. on 08/23/03


From reviewing several cases in the past, we have learned where manufacturers tend to be cheap and where they tend to put their effort into a case. It seems to us that often times the makers either put too much effort into the case design and not enough into quality, or just the opposite (where a case may very well built but not as visually appealing). GMC hopes to break the trend with the very clean looking and high quality Trinity X-21.

Power buttons for the 2nd and 3rd hard drive are located inside the door panel.

Our initial impression of the case was good. We liked the styling, we liked the quality (although it sure does make it heavier), and were surprised to see all of the extra features that GMC has designed and put into their system. First up on the list was the H.D.D. selector. While the average computer user would have little use for this, those of us who multi-boot will surely appreciate it. Instead of having one hard drive partitioned with Linux, Windows XP, and another OS installed, you can just use three separate hard drives and boot into whichever you want with the push of a corresponding power button. This saves you the hassle of using a boot disk to go into Linux or having to choose which OS at a boot screen. Although most people do not have more than one hard drive in their computer or use multiple operating systems, for those that do this is a great feature.

The panel is not designed to stand out from the rest of the case, and includes USB and sound ports.

The other main feature included is also innovative, but not terribly necessary. Included in the form of a small panel on the side of the front of the case and a small PCB that goes into an empty PCI bay is a Sound Selector.Trying to game in a noisy room usually requires having to unplug speakers and main microphone, and then plugging in a headset microphone and sound line. Instead of doing all of that work, GMC has it set up where you can leave the systems speakers and main microphone plugged in. With the push of a button your sound and microphone line is switched from the rear of the case to the small panel of the front (where headset plugs can easily reach). This may be a feature that more people end up using over the H.D.D. selector. While it didn't terribly excite us over the H.D.D. selector, we do very much appreciate the saved torture of messing with all the tangled wires around the back of the computer.

The actual temperature readout is much easier to read and brighter than this picture.

The last cool feature of this case is my personal favorite, and is the only one that you can show off any time. There is a thermometer readout built into the front of the case. While completely invisable when the case is off, the temperature shows up perfectly through the half see-through glass when powered. At any time, the temperature can be read from the top of the case. Inside the case is a small thermal probe that can be placed just about anywhere to give this reading. It definately a cool feature, but can also provide some valuable information for overclockers..

Dimension : 200X510X440mm(WXDXH)
Disk space : 4X5.25", 2X3.5"(internal:5X3.5")
11 Drive Bays
5.25 ext X 4, 3.5 int X 5, 3.5 ext X 2
Color : Black
Form Factor : Atx
Weight : N.W.:10.5kg, G.W.: 11kg
I/O Slots : 7 Slots/AGP expansion slots

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