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ThermalTake G4-VGA Reviewed by IceWind. Posted by Mike @ 1:15 A.M. on 10/05/02


We all want the best cooling that we can get when we decide to overclock our systems. People pay plenty for a good processor heatsink and then some for case fans. The one thing people almost always overlook, is their graphics card. There are a lot of GeForce 4s out there that come with a rather cheap GPU heatsink/fan and no ramsinks at all. Luckily, Thermaltake has realized that people need cooling products for their graphics card too! With an average selling price of $20, today we'll be checkin' out a ThermalTake G4-VGA copper cooler with ramsinks on a Vision Tek 4200 SE.

The kit is pretty basic, it includes a copper heatsink with fan that very much resembles the Nvidia reference cooler. There are a several big difference though, mainly being it has a bigger fan and uses a pin design rather than curved rows. Of course, it also has a clear cover to show itself off.

It also comes with some ramsinks. However, the ramsinks were designed for BGA memory, not the TSOP design that the TI4200 uses. We figured this won't be too much of a biggy, we'll just pull out the dremel and cut each of the four pieces in half so that each ram chip will have a heatsink covering the whole thing.

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