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The Contents
Ah, the moment of truth when you first open up the package and see what goodies you get. Unfortunately the only extras that come with this card is a game called Dronez, which in my opinion isn't that great (it's kind-of old too).

The whole kit and caboodle.
What you get.

A Huge Graphics Card
As you may have noticed, from the picture above, this graphics card is huge. Which is one complaint that I do have on this card (although it pertains to all GeForce4 cards). Not only does this end up blocking all of your ram slots, but it also blocks airflow. Upon installation my motherboard temperature rose 5°F. My processor temperature also greatly rose, however, I did not take accurate readings on it, so I'm not sure by how much it rose. Before I installed this card I had a fan pulling air in from the front of the case, and the only other fan was my PSU fan. In order to correct this I bought a fan from the store ($15 for generic, what a rip!) and placed it in the back of my case pushing air out. This helped me to reach temperatures lower than when i had my GF2 Mx400.

 Gf2 doesn't get anti-static bag... tee hee.
Above you can see how much smaller the GF2 Mx400 (bottom) is compared to the Ti4400 (top).

A view of the back of the card.

Not too special, but still pretty.
PNY's fan and heatsink.

It's wierd putting your old card back in, GF4s spolied me. Eeek! I can't change me' ram as easy!
GeForce 2 (left) blocks one ram slot, but the GeForce 4 (right) blocks all + some.

If you have a small case, it's like a divider
The GeForce4 really seperates air from the upper and lower case, I had to buy an extra fan to keep temps at normal levels (a bit below actually).

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