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The exterior of this case is obviously its best feature.
The front of the case is complemented with touches of chrome and has beveled lines running down the sides. One of the coolest parts of the case is the 6" by 7" piece of plastic that contains a coil design lit by a blue LED. In the center of the coil lays the chrome power and reset buttons.

Oooo, pretty,
The front lighting up is just plain cool.

Since it was the first case I've ever owned with a window, I was very impressed. With the exception of a few small buldges in the molding, the window was installed very well. Those of you without windows will be amazed how nice it is to be able to see all of your components (and to show them off).

Gotta love seeing all the insides...
Here's a shot of the window with green and blue cold cathodes inside.

By far the thing I was most surprised to see with this case were the included stealth bay covers. The 5 1/4" covers are designed to flap down when your CD/DVD rom ejects, allowing the tray to be used just like normal. The thin detail strip that you see actually allows light to come out, allowing you to see when your drive is in use. Anyone who still uses a floppy drive will be happy to know that Xoxide also included a removeable floppy drive cover which fits into one of the five external 5 1/4" bays.

It works! Well, on some drives...
This was something we never expected to be included, too bad it won't work on all drives.

Since every CD/DVD rom is different, there are some instances where these covers will be an inconvenience. Those of us with some more advanced features on the front of the drives (Earphone port, volume controls, play/stop butons) will be unable to use such luxuries. Also, not every drive will work with these. From what I've found, any drive that has a tall lip will not be allowed to pass through. However, I've had no problems with any of my drives that already use doors.

I know what you're thinking, "Where are the front USBs? How am I going to transfer my mp3s?!" Well, that shouldn't be a problem. There are two USB ports that are covered by a tiny door on the right hand side of the case.

USB door closed USB door open
The USBs really are hidden well.

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