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Xtreme 256mb PC3200 DDR Review Posted by Mike @ 11:45 P.M. on 01/10/03

Special thanks goes to Joey, for supplying us with this ram!

The speed of memory is very important in today's computers, especially for overclockers. RAM can really make or break your overclock. I'm sure that we have all experienced a time where the system was unable to boot because our ram couldn't handle the speeds it was given. As a result, we had to lower the memory divider and took a major hit in lost memory bandwidth.

Some overclockers are starting to look past PC3200 (400mhz) ram because of the fact that newer motherboards actually support it and run it at 400mhz stock. Since the ram is already running what it is supposed to, it may not overclock much higher than 400mhz, where as with PC3500 (433mhz) ram people can rest assured that they have some room to overclock. However, PC3200 is a major upgrade for most of us and it can often overclock very well, while costing less than PC3500.

Hmmm, I think I know which looks better...

We will be looking at a stick of Xtreme DDR's 256mb PC3200 ram. Like any other high quality ram, Xtreme DDR puts an aluminum heat spreader on the module. In order to match your case, the heat spreader is available in silver, purple, red, green, gold, and blue. While most people think this actually cools the ram and allows further overclocking, it's mainly just for looks. It also adds some weight, which really makes it feel high quality.

A view of the heat spreader from the side.

Xtreme DDR has their logo stamped into the heat spreader, and also a sticker that shows various information and if your warranty was voided by opening the heat spreader.

Xtreme DDR used Samsung B3 6ns chips for this ram. What you may not know is that 6ns is only rated for PC2700. This means that this ram actually is a stick of pc2700 ram that was pre-tested to be stable at pc3200. This may explain to us why Xtreme DDR's recommended timings are quite relaxed. This may also prove to damper overclocking.

Ram specs:
 · Available in 512MB Double Sided Module
 · Available in 256MB Single Sided Module
 · Color Aluminum Heat Spreader
 · Samsung B3 -6ns Chip
 · Lifetime Warranty
 · 3-6-3 2T Timings
 · 400 (200) MHz
 · Unbuffered
 · CL 2.5

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