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Processor: Pentium 4 2.0A
Memory: 256mb Xtreme DDR PC 3200
Motherboard: Asus P4S333 (bios P4S533 rev. 1009c)
Motherboard chip set: SiS 645
NVIDIA reference drivers: 40.72
Hard-Drive: Western Digital 81GB 7200RPM ATA100
IDE Interface: Ultra ATA100
Sound: Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live!
CD/DVD: Elements 56x CD
Secondary CD/DVD: Mitsumi 32x Burner
Power Supply: Premier 300 Watt
Operating System: Windows XP Pro

First boot

We tested this ram on our Pentium 4 2.0a processor, which runs 100mhz fsb (400mhz quad pumped) with a 20x multiplier @ stock. All of our memory tests were run at the stock 2.6v setting.

After installing the ram we set the bios to run a 3:6 divider (for DDR 400) and the recommended timings: 3-6-3, 2T command, and CL2.5. Unfortunately, the system failed to boot. After testing many different settings, we determined that the most stable timings the ram would run at 400 mhz were 3-7-3, 1T command, and CL2.5. While we were disappointed to see the RAS active time would not run what Xtreme DDR had specified, we were very surprised to see that this ram was able to handle a 1T command rate at 400mhz.

Our SiSoft Sandra score.

Our memory bandwidth was about 2525mb/sec, which may sound odd to some of you. The reason for this is because our Pentium 4 has a 400mhz fsb, which is actually bottlenecking the ram. Yes, that's right; DDR is being bottlenecked by a P4, and it's not the other way around. As you can see this ram out-performed ram that is much more expensive, 800mhz RDRAM (which is supposed to be as fast as it gets for a P4 "A" system). Reference Chipset/Memory 4 shows the approximate bandwith for those of you running a 533mhz fsb P4.


For our overclocking section we will be showing you where the ram maxes out at several sets of timings.

CL 2.5, 4-7-4, and 2T command rate Max Speed: 246 / 492 DDR mhz

CL 2.5, 3-7-3, and 1T command rate Max speed: 214 / 428 DDR mhz

CL 2.0, 2-4-2, and 1T command rate Max Speed: 134.5 / 269 DDR mhz

Quite honestly, we're pretty amazed at the speeds that this ram can reach, especially considering these are all done with default voltage. While the ram obviously doesn't like too aggressive of timings, it doesn't seem to mind running at almost 500mhz DDR!


Xtreme DDR has done a fantastic job making this ram overclockable. Being able to hit 492 DDR mhz at stock voltage is definitely something to brag about. We also liked to see that Xtreme DDR's price tag is slightly below most of their competitors. All that is really holding us back from making this one of our A products is the timings. Even when we pumped up the voltage to 2.7 the timings just wouldn't go any more agressive at 400mhz. Corsair and OCZ's PC3200 ram promises to run timings that are about as aggressive as it gets. However, if you are looking more towards overclocking and care less towards timings, you should definitely consider Xtreme DDR PC3200.

·Great overclockability
·Looks way better then any ol' ram
·More affordable than most competitors

·Doesn't require extra voltage
·Just doesn't like low timings
·6ns chips make it overclocked 2700


Final Score: B+

Questions, Comments? Discuss the review in our forums or E-mail me here. If you're interested in purchasing this ram, our sponsor PlainLabelPC carries this product.
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